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Top 7 items to pack with you when visiting Thailand

Remember when your parents had to remind you to brush your teeth? Some things in life are pretty obvious – we know that all too well. But what about when it comes to packing for your next holiday?

It’s a total pain, isn’t it? How many t-shirts will you need? Can you just go with empty luggage and purchase clothes when you arrive? Well, even if you plan on filling your suitcase after arrival at your Asian destination; these are the top seven things you most probably shouldn’t leave home without.


These seven items in your luggage will ensure you’ll have an incredible trip to Thailand


Tabard and peaceful sleep


You won’t have the most ideal trip if you’re being eaten by mosquitos every few minutes, so make sure you pack a decent repellenet into your luggage. Sprays, ointments, body creams and other deterents are available to purchase from the pharmacy if you forget yours at home – but it’s almost gauranteed not to prove as effectful such as more “known” brands such as Tabard and Peaceful Sleep.


Vest and shirts for travel


This one is a little bit of a cheat, because you don’t really need to pack it in your luggage – you can buy it on your first day. The reason it’s made this list is simply because you may not find the one you want on day one (or two) and so it might be ideal just to have one in your luggage on arrival. Thailand has a tendency of getting super hot at times – especially if you’re there during the hottest part of summer (duh!) so make sure you land well prepared. These clothing items also help ensure you’ve got something quick and easy to put on in between your beach and pool time – and if you’re moving from store to store to try things on – you’ll definitely find it a whole lot easier doing so in an easy-to-remove vest of kaftan.



sunscreen lotion for travel


Have you ever arrived at a dinner party empty handed? Know that feeling when everyone’s starring you down wondering why you’re eating their crisps and drinking their wine if you didn’t bother to bring any yourself? Well, don’t be that person on your trip to Asia! Sunscreen, or “sun tan lotion” as some prefer to call it, is probably the most expensive consumer good on the store shelves in Thailand and they feel nothing charging you a fat fee for the one thing that’ll keep your skin from turning 50-shades of pink. Oh, and just because you’re travelling with friends, don’t assume they’re responsible for packing the goods – considering the price of it on the islands and the commodity it becomes, nobody wants to ration or share their stash.



alcohol beverage4. ALCOHOL

Thinking of enjoying a cheap spirit during some down-time in a bar overlooking the beach? Think again! Alcohol prices on the island’s famous tourist spots have sky-rocketed in recent years with the cost of a spirit almost the same price of the main-meal (if not more). We’re by no means encouraging a drinking-holiday but if you plan on having a few drinks before a night out, we suggest packing your checked luggage [not your carry-on] with a bottle or two of your favourite whiskey, vodka, rum or cognac – you’ll thank us later!



backpack and rucksack


You’re probably having a laugh at the idea, but how else are you going to carry around a change of clothes wherever you go? If travelling during the rainy season is your thing – a backpack should be the first item on your checklist. Thailand’s rainy season surprises you when you least expect it – it’ll happen in the middle of your beach day or while you’re in the mall on a shopping spree – but it’ll happen! But rain aside, Thailand has some incredible beaches with beach clubs, bars and restaurants scattered alongside. There’s nothing better than a few hours on the beach followed by a tasty Thai lunch or dinner – and when you leave the beach, who wants to be wet? Not to mention visiting some of the more religious sites requires specific dress codes; so if you’re intending to hop from one spot to another, grab a backpack, fill it up and get site seeing!




powerbank and plugs



Being without your mobile phone is arguably one of the most liberating experiences, but not having your phone when you need it? Problematic! Your phone holds the key to offline maps to ensure you get around, information when you’re connected to WiFi and – obviously – a camera to capture the memories! Don’t let your battery die just as you’re capturing the sunset – pack a powerbank and keep your phone device charged up and ready to go at all times.




plug adaptor


Weird, isn’t it? Most people are quite comfortable flying with the airline-supplied gadgets but others are extremely frustrated when getting to their seat and realising their personal earphones aren’t able to connect to the two-prong connector airlines use. Now, why they don’t just use a single input is absolutely mind-boggling, but if you’re getting on the plane and expecting to use your own listening device, you’ll only be able to do so with this handy adapter.



So now you have the seven most important travel items in your luggage. You’ll be the one with all the answers and the talk of the flight home when everyone realises how organised you were for your trip to Thailand.

Plan your trip now!