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One evening, in 2016, I had this crazy idea to start a travel business focused on sport tours. Within no time, the business was built and we had our first tour. With his expertise as an incredible (and registered) tour guide, Ryan was the perfect partner and since then, we've grown the company into a full service boutique travel business - from managing our clients' logistics to curating unique experiences.

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— Update on COVID19 & Effect On Your Group Travel

23 MARCH 2020

Dear Clients,


We have been fielding a number of calls and e-mails pertaining to the cancellation, postponement or continuity of trips in respect of the coronavirus pandemic. This letter serves to inform our clients of the current situation.

At this time, it remains impossible for us to predict where we will be in the next few weeks – let alone the next few months. Our next trips are only scheduled to depart South Africa in June at which stage the situation may have changed drastically.

On one hand, permutations show the virus continuing its out-of-control spiral in South Africa while numbers in Europe continue to grow. Changes in life seems inevitable but the scientists have trouble predicting any true rates-of-scale given the inconsistent data emanating from country to country.

On another hand, scientists and doctors are confident that more medical equipment will become available in the coming months, better contingency plans put in place for the elderly and a success in medical trials offering basic medication to fight the virus.

We are aware how unpredictable these outcomes may be, however, as it stands, our tours to Europe continue as planned and the situation will be continually be assessed and more so during the month of May – or latter parts of April – unless the governments, airlines and/or tournament organisers make a decision first which we will be guided on.

It is very important, from an insurance, finance and logistics point of view, we continue to monitor the situation and react only when absolutely necessary.

As of now, airlines have cancelled a number of flights up to April – while Government agencies have instilled lockdowns and limits on gatherings – all hoping that in time some sense of normality returns with these drastic measures. The reality is that we truly have no idea what’s to come but we will remain positive and hopeful that things revert back to a new kind of normal in the weeks (or months) to come.

For now, please continue to follow the guidelines set out by National Government in respect of social distancing and take extra care washing your hands and ensuring you follow hygiene guidelines.

We respectfully remind all travelers the importance of continuing to make payments at this time relating to your travel as further deposits are required to ensure our bookings remain intact.

Yours in Travel,

The Incoming South Africa Team

For any travel queries or friendly advice please feel free to reach out to us and send an e-mail to: groups@incomingsa.com