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Three ways to improve your travel plan

Planning your holiday (or business travel) isn’t always as easy as Google makes it out to be. Sure, you can use a host of online booking aggregators to find your number one hotel, the best airline price and a fair deal at a restaurant – but what’s the secret to best travel planning? We’ve identified three ways to improve your travel plan.


No matter how complicated your itinerary, your travel should always be kept as simply as possible. If you’re on an adventure and not really bothered about being punctual, you could ignore this step; but if time is important then make sure you’re not too reliant on four different metro connections, a taxi from the airport and a bus service before you get to the hotel for check-in. Take a look at your hotel’s location before you arrive and try plot your routes ahead of time.


This is a little something we’ve learned from travelling through Europe and a few days in Dubai. While it may seem like a great idea to stay near the beach (it really is), it may not necessarily be the most convenient for the purpose of your travel. Look up your hotel’s location and plot it on map before you pay the confirmation. Take note of the sites you want to visit and where they’re based – if they’re on a metro line near your hotel, you’re fine – but if you’ll need a taxi to get there, don’t be fooled by the convenience as taxi fare could hurt your budget.

Rather spend that little bit extra to ensure a convenient central accommodation spot than have to worry about hailing a taxi or trying to barter your way to your dinner destination.


There’s really no harm in booking your travel through someone who does it for a living. If you feel you’re being ripped off, negotiate! Just like it’s great having a personal driver on standby (a-la Uber), it’s fantastic to know you’ve got someone on standby who understands your needs and is available 24/7 to solve your problems. Even if it’s merely a dinner reservation – or a simple flight change – let your personal concierge take care of the hassle and while you focus on the trip.


So, what are you waiting for? Secure your next travel package with us and travel hassle-free!