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The connection between sport / academic groups and volunteer programmes

It’s almost every day someone asks us why we’re operating a business offering sport (or academic) group tours alongside volunteer and job shadow programmes so we thought we’d write a short post to explain the connection.

So, on one hand you’ve got a group of kids from a school hoping to gain an enjoyable experience outside of their home city; while on the other hand there’s someone eager to change the world and find a programme which suits their aspirations. What’s the connection, you ask?

Our vision

Simple. Part of our vision when engaging schools and clubs is to ensure a lasting relationship between our business and the travellers. This is why immersive outings are so important to our cause. Let us use our home country, South Africa, as the working example in this case. The moment one of our travellers steps foot into, let’s say, Cape Town, we’re taking them on a journey.

Our journey

Now, the journey we’re going through isn’t just a standard package deal with zero interaction. In fact, quite the opposite. We’re on the ground, face-to-face, with our clients – and as a matter of fact anyone whose name appears on the booking form is considered a client – regardless how young or old they may be.

Included into our itineraries we build in trips and experiences which identify with local communities and offer a sense of learning, understanding and immersion. There’s this idea – or train of thought – which considers someone who has experienced this through our trips may consider returning and embarking on a programme dedicated to helping these communities build on their vision.

What now?

So, next time you’re wondering why a company which offers sport or academic tours for clubs and groups is also pursuing a business in volunteer and job shadow programmes, you’ll understand the connection and value the experience.

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