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Incoming South Africa / Blog  / Five essentials to consider when planning a workation
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Five essentials to consider when planning a workation

So many people think about going on a working holiday; but they often forget the most important aspect of their trip – planning! Our quick guide to planning a workation outlines the five most important items to consider when starting to organise that much desired getaway.


If you think your workation will take place on a beach – you’re either dreaming or have a pretty awesome way of working. Sitting with a laptop in the sand is probably not the most practical way to spend your working day but you can find places close enough to the beach – or at least places with a view – to make it feel like you’re on the beach. Try keep your expectations realistic – you’ll need a fairly comfortable spot to work from if you’re going to remain productive.


We have found the most productive workations are those where you’re associated to a shared work-space rather than bound to a coffee shop. It has its perks, that’s for sure. Think free-flowing coffee, access to decent WiFi, an actual desk and chair to sit at – and [hopefully] a coffee shop of sorts to keep those hunger pains away.


If you find yourself obsessed with the idea of hopping from one coffee shop / restaurant to the other, make sure you’re wary of the sun and it’s effect not only on your skin – but on your laptop too. Working in the sun seems like a wonderful idea – until you can no longer see your monitor due to the obvious glare caused by the mid-afternoon sunshine rays. Stick to places that are well covered and offer a good opportunity to duck out the sun for a bit whilst you get down to work.


Ever arrived for lunch only to be told the restaurant is out of your first four options? That’s almost what it feels like when you arrive at your work-space only to realise there are no available plug-points and the WiFi isn’t working. Planning ahead alleviates this internal struggle by ensuring you only work from reputable spaces known for their access to plug-points and reliable WiFi networks.


Although you may find THE perfect summer (or winter, for that matter) workation spot, you may also come to meet an annoyed restaurant or coffee shop owner who actually doesn’t want someone sitting around all day tapping away on their keyboard. Not everyone is a fan of the workationer and although many want your business – they don’t want it all day long. Be aware of the places you work out of and take note if they become irritable or irrational – after all, you can’t blame them if you’ve arrived daily for a week, taken up a four-seater and only consumed a couple of coffee’s – at least have some cake.